We have hired this firm for several jobs over the years. I've never used this word before with trades but Jeremie, the owner is a perfectionist. We had him open up a wall between our kitchen and dining room which involved ceiling work and widening a doorway. The doorway included matching tile to existing 20 year old tile. Because we already knew him and his work we opted to give him the key to our house and went on holiday. When we came home we had a new open concept kitchen exactly as we had described what we wanted. That's how good he is!

— Cathy and Dave M.

This is a follow-up to let you know how pleased and how much I appreciate the way you have enhanced the looks and features of my home. The cove moulding installed throughout have added a sense of warmth and a feeling of coziness to each of the rooms in my home.

It was reassuring and I did appreciate the timely completion and the excellent quality and professional workmanship that you accomplished. It is a pleasure dealing with a local tradesman, who delivers results and can be relied upon for such things, as on the job cleanliness, promptness and tireless efforts of managing the work until the job is completed.

I have received endless comments and praise by all who have seen the work you have completed and would be pleased in calling upon your company’s services in future.
My sincere appreciation for a job well done and your excellent services.

— Philip B.

Over the years, Jeremie has continued to impress me with meticulous, reliable and high quality service. All within respecting my original ideas, his unique creativity and suggestions have allowed me to benefit a great deal from his designs. Jeremie is very trustworthy and I would have him working in my home anytime.

— Debbie W.