Welcome to DH Designs! We are a full-service design, build, and renovating team that specializes in high-end finishes located in Ottawa, Ontario. 

Our highly skilled team can turn any of our designs into a reality. Our team consists of Designers, Custom Cabinet Makers, Project Managers, Electricians, Carpenters, Tile Installers, Painters, Drywall Installers… you name it! We like to keep things in-house to have complete control of our projects to ensure the end result is just as we imagined. 

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First and foremost, we are absolutely delighted with the outcome of our renovation…not just the kitchen but the family room as well. From start to finish we were incredibly pleased with the entire process…from initial contact, through design and finally execution.

Valerie, Geny and Jérémie were true professionals…listening to our ideas, helping with suggestions and finally coming up with a design that was perfect for our needs. This did not happen in one or two meetings but many back and forth discussions and visits by the DH Design team. They left nothing to chance. We trusted them implicitly to the point where we turned over the key to our house and left for a six week stay in Florida. Geny kept us informed of all developments though we asked not to see any photos until the final product. On our return we walked into our spectacular renovation that Lorraine says she loves to look at each day. The DH Design team did a marvellous renovation with an attention to detail that I would challenge anyone in the industry to improve on. We were so impressive with the final result that we invited the entire DH Design team to our home for a drinks and snacks celebration.

We continue to enjoy our renovation and we strongly recommend the DH Design team for any renovation that you may be considering.

Kevin & Lorraine