Carol and I are so very happy with our new home. We wanted to recognise just how much it means to us that you accepted the challenge of renovating our condo in the middle of a pandemic. We are grateful that you stepped in as general contractor to put our project on track and we appreciate that you have been able to manage the work carefully to finish on time and on budget.

We recognise the excellent work of Shawn and the whole team. The carpentry involved for the walls, trim and new ceiling is superb and the tile work is stunning. We appreciate each person's attention to detail. Thanks for the decision to replace our aluminum wiring, this has really made a difference and we simply love the new lighting. The subs you selected for electrical and HVAC were first class in every way.

Our neighbours have often come forward to express their respect for how the crew worked and for their professional handling of the site. Granted there were periods when noise was a must, our neighbours always felt that Shawn could be approached if they had an important call to make during lockdown as so many in the building are either retired or pivoting to work from home.

I appreciate your taking charge of scheduling, including keeping us up to date on the latest developments, so we could communicate with the condo board. Your planning of the job was precise and utterly reliable, I appreciate the crew signing in each day using the covid checklist provided by Ottawa Health. This went a long way to assuring the condo board that the work would be done with the utmost safety in mind. We realize it was difficult to get materials delivered in the normal way because of the pandemic and so appreciate the extra efforts made to keep the crew moving forward each day.

A special thanks to Valerie for stepping in to complete the design of the project and to manage the day to day details of finishing. We love her designs for our storage solutions, which are simply stunning and meet all our needs with ease while the installation of the cabinetry is elegant and precise. Once again we appreciate the crew's attention to detail and their willingness to clean up at the end of each day.

Carol and I have often reflected that you have chosen only the most talented and most respectful folks for your team. They always do things the right way the first time and are happy to explain why things are done a particular way. This has been a great comfort to Carol and me throughout the project. We also very much appreciate the way your team talks to each other and supports each other while they work through the day.

We would be happy to show your fine work to potential customers and can honestly say they would be crazy not to select DH Home Designs for their project, big or small.

Mark and Carol

First and foremost, we are absolutely delighted with the outcome of our renovation…not just the kitchen but the family room as well. From start to finish we were incredibly pleased with the entire process…from initial contact, through design and finally execution.

Valerie, Geny and Jérémie were true professionals…listening to our ideas, helping with suggestions and finally coming up with a design that was perfect for our needs. This did not happen in one or two meetings but many back and forth discussions and visits by the DH Design team. They left nothing to chance. We trusted them implicitly to the point where we turned over the key to our house and left for a six week stay in Florida. Geny kept us informed of all developments though we asked not to see any photos until the final product. On our return we walked into our spectacular renovation that Lorraine says she loves to look at each day. The DH Design team did a marvellous renovation with an attention to detail that I would challenge anyone in the industry to improve on. We were so impressive with the final result that we invited the entire DH Design team to our home for a drinks and snacks celebration.

We continue to enjoy our renovation and we strongly recommend the DH Design team for any renovation that you may be considering.

Kevin and Lorraine

We have hired this firm for several jobs over the years. I've never used this word before with trades but Jeremie, the owner is a perfectionist. We had him open up a wall between our kitchen and dining room which involved ceiling work and widening a doorway. The doorway included matching tile to existing 20 year old tile. Because we already knew him and his work we opted to give him the key to our house and went on holiday. When we came home we had a new open concept kitchen exactly as we had described what we wanted. That's how good he is!

Kathy and Dave

Our new ensuite was everything that we wanted and more! DH Designs was the first time that we worked with an all-in firm and we really enjoyed the experience. We appreciated the time taken to plan and to make valued suggestions to our preliminary design. We were especially drawn to DH’s expertise and top notch workmanship in curbless showers and custom vanities. We enjoyed that DH sourced the products and that they knew when to collaboratively push on certain decisions - you were so right about the mirrors! The project manager and build team were polite, friendly, and true professionals, minimizing the disruption in our home. We love everything and are so pleased we engaged DH Design to bring our ensuite to life.

Connie and Rick

Thank you and your team for the excellent work you have done remodeling our kitchen and basement. From the initial consultation, through thoughtful, respectful and thorough guidance in the design process, to the quality of workmanship in all aspects of the project, and finally the generous and quick response to small items once the work was complete, we could not have asked for more.

The whole project was completed while we were away from Ottawa; we trusted you and your first-rate young team to do good work, and you exceeded our expectations. When we did drop in from time to time, our home was being treated with respect, we were welcomed on the "job site" and any requests we had were immediately addressed. And the team went out of their way to complete the job on time.

We could not have asked for more. My husband and I are sincerely appreciative of the high-quality, timely work you and the team did and would highly recommend your firm to anyone.

Margaret and Jim

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